Happy Birthday, DSCS!!

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Happy 9th Birthday, DSCS!!

Dollar Store Starting

This is a sweet, and yet, surprisingly hard memory for me today. 9 years is amazing, and am so thankful for you all for taking this journey with me. Look forward to many more years.

The hard memory because I see that my friend Jim Drury commented on this post 9 years ago. He was my best friend, and he died way to early. Jim and I both had a love of writing, telling stories, and sharing God’s Grace. He had an infectious laugh. He is missed every day.

Thank you all for making this a joy to produce and put out!  All are rockin’ it!

~ John


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, DSCS!!

  1. So blessed to have this resource. Although I am delivering a children’s message in a United Methodist Church, I find that the suggestions are universal for most religions. Kids are kids and they understand at a different level (sometimes higher) than adults. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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