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I was going to make a video saying this but figured a couple of words is all I need.

1.  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking part in sharing the good news!

2.  This site is free, and will always be free.
I do it, because I love it.

C.  If you are one that has donated in the past,
I say to you, “You rock!”
(Everyone else does too.. You are loved!)

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Thank you!
John Stevens


21 thoughts on “Support DSCS – Donate

  1. Thank you so much! You are the first thing on my computer on Monday so I may ponder your ideas!!! My children love them all, especially give away Sundays. Hope you liked the ,”Ruthie,” cartoon. Be blessed.

  2. John, Thank you for providing a great resource. I have been using your site for the past 6 months and really enjoy the sermon starters that you provide. I plan to donate to the site in the near future, but I had another idea of a way to support your site today. When I am not serving as a pastor, I host websites (all of them WordPress) for many non-profits in the area. If your hosting costs are ever a problem I could likely save you money by hosting with me, depending on your needs. Peace be with you, Wade Apel, Pastor Servants of Christ Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, IN

  3. Hi! I often do the children’s sermon at my church, and love watching (and using) your ideas! I was trying to find your 1 kings 18:20-39 sermon with a mirror, but the video does not match up with the text (it is a video for Hosea text). Any chance I can see correct video?? Thank you!

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I usually like to do my own thing but you have been a life saver on many occasion when I was either stuck in a rut or over whelmed. Your insight and approach has now become a major spring board for me. I stop by even after writing my own just to see what angle you are taking. Thank you SO much for doing these. Keep up the awesome work you do!!!

  5. Hello,
    A colleague highlighted your resources on a clergy site, so I thought I’d have a look. Thank you for sharing your creativity! Wanted to let you know that on the May 24th page, both videos are the narrative lectionary. (You had noted that one would be RCL.)

  6. Hi. I am new to this and fill in some for the Children’s moment at our church. What is the difference between the revised CL and narrative lectionary? Is one preferred over the other? Thanks

    • First, thanks for stopping by!

      And that is a great question. I would suggest that you check to see with the folks planning the service and readings for Sundays about what lectionary they use. (And if they use one. Some traditions don’t and select their own readings each week. If this is the case, you can try the search function of the blog and enter in the scripture passage, or the book of the Bible and see if something matches. Hint: To search a particular verse, put the verse in quotes, such as “Philippians 4”. If not, you will search the blog for comments about Philippians and the number 4.)

      The Revised Common Lectionary is the most commonly used one, and is a three year set of readings (Years A, B, and C), and used by many traditions. The Narrative Lectionary was put together by Luther Seminary a few years ago, and is a four year set of readings, following the narrative arc of scripture (basically looking at key stories in scripture. gives some good information, located on the right hand side of their website).

      Hope this helps some. If I need to clarify anything, please feel free to ask! And blessings on your work, and your ministry with children!


  7. We”mustache” you to continue to be so creative! I used you sermon today and the kids loved it all the way to 7th grade. Thanks again!
    Ginny Gauerke
    Program Director
    St. Timothy Lutheran Church Hendersonville, TN

  8. I am the Youth and Family Ministry Director at Zion Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and have recently been entrusted with Sunday School falling under my umbrella of responsibilities. In order to offset costs, I have been writing my own curriculum and I want to THANK YOU for being a resource that I have come to look forward to researching! The first time I happened upon one of your YouTube videos I noticed your Saint/Sinner shirt from Old Lutheran…which I also have! I said to myself, “you are in the company of another fun ELCA Lutheran!”. So thank you for being a wonderful asset and for spreading your knowledge, love and grace!
    Peace and Smiles =) ~
    Nikki Rud

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