January 6th, 2015 – Epiphany or Epiphany Sunday

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Sunday:  Epiphany

Revised Common Lectionary – Year B

Texts: Matthew 2:1-12

Dollar Store Item: Neon Starburst

The Take Away: Jesus is found in the People of God!

Video (Listed on YouTube as 1st Sunday of Christmas Narrative Lectionary):


3 thoughts on “January 6th, 2015 – Epiphany or Epiphany Sunday

  1. I love this idea, and I’m thinking of upping it just a little by having a Jesus figurine in each of the places that we look. I’ve acquired an assortment of jesuses through the years– action figure Jesus, Jesus the plush doll, baby Jesus from the manger, etc. It wouldn’t be hard to “plant” one in the pulpit, the font, the communion table, the choir, and the congregation…

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