January 4th, 2015 – Second Sunday of Christmas

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Sunday:  Second Sunday of Christmas

Revised Common Lectionary – Year B

Texts: Ephesians 1:3-14

Dollar Store Item: Magic Baby Bottle

The Take Away:  Grace poured out, again and again and again and again. 


Narrative Lectionary – Flight to Egypt (Second Sunday of Christmas)

Texts: Matthew 2:13-23

Dollar Store Item: Baby Bottle

The Take Away:  God makes all things new!



2 thoughts on “January 4th, 2015 – Second Sunday of Christmas

  1. Hey, there! Went with this idea, but our local store only had baby bottles that wouldn’t “magically” empty and refill – discovered that worked just as well, if not better – because even though it was “being used,” the bottle never emptied! There were always full stores, no matter how long you held that baby bottle upside-down! *grin* Perfect!

    My Mom once answered my own question about having more children, when I wondered how on earth she’d found it in her heart to have four… when I was finding my heart so full with just one…??? And she’d informed me that love wasn’t a quantifiable commodity… it wasn’t something that you could dole out, X-amount to one child, Y-amount to another… that your heart grew, like the Grinch’s, and could accommodate any # of children.

    *Not* being blessed with a second child, but finding ourselves blessed wtih raising a neighborhood of children, of varying genders and ages, and being reminded that, all of these years we yearned for a household full of children (but neglected to mention, apparently, that we’d have liked a few more of them to be OURS), my husband and I are blessed, continually, with “our” kids… We couldn’t love any of the dozen of them more if they were “ours” because, all of them, at their cores are, intrinsically, “ours…”

    The heart has an amazing capacity to never deplete… to grow, to expand, to encompass… What a blessing!

    • Thank you for sharing!! Heidi Neumark, in her book, “Breathing Spaces,” has a great story about being asked how she could love her second child with all her heart, if she loved her first child with all her heart (asked by that first child). She responded, “Because love is a miracle.” – heavily paraphrased, but hopefully correct enough 🙂

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