May 14th, 2023 – 6th Sunday of Easter

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Sunday: 6th Sunday of Easter Sunday

Revised Common Lectionary – Year A

Text: John 14:15-21

Dollar Store Item: None.

The Take Away: Tell a story about someone who stood up for you (If it is your mom, or someone who is motherly to you, all the better). Someone Who helped you; Who was your advocate. We have a helper; an advocate in the Spirit.


Narrative Lectionary

Text: Romans [3:28-30] 5:1-11

Dollar Store Item: Two cups. One full of water. One empty. Pour water from one cup to another.

The Take Away: God fills our hearts with love. So many people help God fill our lives with Love. One of these could possibly be their mom, or someone that is motherly towards them. God pours through us!!



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