It seems to be that time…


Every few years, there comes a time that equipment needs to be upgrade. Last time, it was when I dropped my iPad, and it landed on the powerswitch button making it unusable. That was fun. And you all came through answering the plea. I wasn’t saying it at that time, but if I was, I would have said: You are rockin’ it!! Because you truly amazed me!

It is time to upgrade my mic and my iPad as it is old, and basically coming to the point that makes it very difficult to do what I need to do. So before it takes its last breath, I am putting out a donation plea to help offset the cost of new equipment.

Here are the standard ways to help:

You can donate through PayPal:

Or you can use venmo if that is easier: @revjohn29

Occasionally people will ask if they can send something in, rather than use the above methods… And you can!

They can be sent to:
John Stevens
C/O Zion Lutheran Church
720 Jefferson Street,
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Thank you for anything you might give to help with this, and if you can’t, that is ok as well. I appreciate you all for using DSCS and for helping share what I do here.

Thank you very much!
~ John


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