Gratitude / Small Saturday

Greetings Saints!

I am so thankful for all of your love over the last 9 years of the DSCS. I have so much fun running the DSCS and love the fact that I am hearing from more and more of you.

One of my greatest joys is when I will have folks visit Zion Lutheran because of this site, or when you reach out and we have conversations online. It is Grace upon Grace for me!

This post could be seen as an bi-annual fund drive for the DSCS if you will. The site is free, and will always be free, and my heart is warmed by the generosity of all the folks that take part in the ministry of DSCS in prayer and donations.

Would you consider making a donation to the DSCS? I have asked in the summer before. However this year, using “Spring Board” as the theme, I decided to time it this way.

Please, would you prayerful consider a donation to the DSCS at this time?

You can do so through paypal:

or Venmo: @revjohn29

Thank you!
John Stevens


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