A Little Help for a Friend

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A Little Help for a Friend
I have a friend that is in need of help. He, and his family, don’t follow this page. Actually, they struggle with faith in general. But he is also one of the most amazing people I know, and is one of those people that you say, “God is using him, whether he knows it or not.” His heart is huge, and his family is in a hard spot.

If you have considered giving a donation, this would be the time. If you have donated before, might I ask of this of you again?

My friend has no idea I am asking this, and has not requested this of me. I see the gift he is to those around him, and I want to help is some way.

Thank you for you consideration. And as always, prayers for my friend, Aaron and his family, are welcomed, too.

Thanks you so much!

~ Pastor John


One thought on “A Little Help for a Friend

  1. I love to come to your site and see what you have planned for the kids. I am always uplifted. You do an amazing job and bring such joy. thanks.

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