November 21st, 2021 – Christ the King Sunday

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Sunday: Christ the King Sunday

Revised Common Lectionary – Year B

Text: John 18:33-37

Dollar Store Item: Character whose voice you or the kids know.

Take Away We imagine what Jesus voice might sound like when we are called.


Narrative Lectionary

Text: Isaiah 9:1-7

Dollar Store Item: Something that reminds you of a nickname, and/or your baptism

The Take Away: We hear nicknames for Jesus. We are given nicknames by God, “Beloved,” or “Child of God.”


6 thoughts on “November 21st, 2021 – Christ the King Sunday

  1. Dear John – I rely on your weekly messages for my children’s sermons and while this email is a bit delayed, I just want to share with you that the All Saints idea, “I’ve got the star!” was a hit. I included the congregation by giving them index cards with stars and an explanation of when to show the card, etc. I started the printed message with “Shhhhh….!” so that they wouldn’t show the children the cards. It was spot on! I counted to 3, asked “Who’s got the star?” and as the children were opening their folded cards, the congregation shouted in unison, “I’ve got the star!” The look on one little girl’s face was priceless. We couldn’t have done a better job had we rehearsed this! So thank you, thank you and thank you for your ideas that are easy to communicate to our children. Blessings on your ministry, Lois

  2. Fantastic. Thank you as always! I have a build a bear with a voice recording in it of my children that I also think I will add to the morning talk.

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