You’ve got this!

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Greetings Saints of God,
As Christmas Eve draws closer, and we push to get things ready for livestream, or recorded, or some hybrid of the two, or perhaps you are in a place where you can gather in some limited capacity, I wanted to take a moment to tell you this: You’ve got this! Truly. I mean it with all my heart.

Thank You!

I have been saying this at the end of each DSCS video, but I wanted to write it out because I have been feeling it deeply. I am so grateful for you all, and how you have risen to the occasion. Your congregations are grieving for sure, and the byproduct of that is they can forget to express their gratitude. Many have. Others haven’t. And it all makes sense. Because this is a heavy time in a season that is also supposed to be full of joy.

I appreciate you. Your congregation appreciates you. Close your eyes, and hear my words in their voice.

Thank you so very much! And may you feel the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the glow of this holy time.



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