February 24th, 2019 – 7th Sunday after Epiphany

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Sunday: Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

Revised Common Lectionary – Year C

Text: Luke 6:27-38

Dollar Store Item: Boomerang Optical Illusion, Rubber Band, Ruler

Link to Boomerang Illusion Graphic

The Take Away: In God’s eyes, we are the same… loved and redeemed.


Narrative Lectionary

Text: Matthew 14:13-33

Dollar Store Item:Favorite stuffed animal, or remote control.

The Take Away: Before anything, Jesus withdraws by himself and after that,in it all, we see God is in control.



One thought on “February 24th, 2019 – 7th Sunday after Epiphany

  1. I am using your boomerang illusion with the ME and THEM. But I am adding US to the back of each boomerang. I will tie in a quote I found from Rev. Paul Lutter in S&S Preaching: In God there is no Us and Them, there is only Us. Here is the last part of the sermon: If we move these apart and then stack them together, we find they are the same size. In God’s eyes, ME and THEM are the same. We are all God’s children and God loves each of us very, very much. In fact, in God’s eyes, there is no ME and THEM. There is only US. And so we love each other, and we forgive each other, and we pray for each other and we treat each other as we want to be treated.
    Thanks for the great idea!

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