April 16th, 2017 – Easter Sunday

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Sunday: Easter Sunday

Revised Common Lectionary – Year A

Text: John 20:19-31

Dollar Store Item: Snake Eggs / Gum package

The Take Away:


Here is a link to last year’s Children Sermon, which includes the video from the year before. That video has one of my favorite Easter DSCS of all time:



Narrative Lectionary

Text: Luke 16:19-31

Dollar Store Item:

The Take Away: Jesus names us beloved!


2 thoughts on “April 16th, 2017 – Easter Sunday

  1. Hi, John! This was an AWESOME children’s sermon that worked out amazingly at my church last Sunday. The whole moment revolved around me saying, “I didn’t expect that at all!” I asked children if they got Easter baskets and what was inside of them. When they said eggs, I asked what kind and got responses of chocolate and plastic…I told them I got rattlesnake eggs and “I didn’t expect that at all!” Then I said I opened it, and it ended up being a trick. “I didn’t expect that at all!” Then, I drew in the Easter story and talked about how the women went to the tomb and it was empty. “They didn’t expect that at all!” I wrapped it up by saying that some of the best news we have we never expected at all.

    Thanks for all you do here. It is very helpful and is a springboard for a lot of great children’s messages.

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