Summer Series – “The Genius of Jesus,” from ‘Spill the Beans’

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The Good People over at Spill the Beans have put out a free Summer Sermon Series (Seven Weeks) called, “The Genius of Jesus,” which be found here:  Spill the Beans.

I have put together a video that walks through the seven weeks, and gives a springboard for ideas to help with your children sermons.  I hope you find these ideas helpful!  It is kind of a rough and bumpy ride, but I do believe there are some gems to be found!

And while the intent was to be used as part of the Narrative Lectionary Cycle, I do believe that anyone wanting to do a sermon series would find this resource from Spill the Beans useful.

Sunday: Summer Series

Download Boomerang Optical Illusion Template here:  Boomerang Template (Used in the video below)







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