“Fall into Life”

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In October of last year, I self-published a book.

This is a little aside from the Dollar Store Children Sermons page.  However, I am proud of this work, and wanted to let you know about it.

Last year, during the Fall, I compiled poems I had been writing about various subjects.  I put them into sections, “Faith, Love and Hope.”

You can take a look at the book here: Fall Into Life

Through this link, you can order a physical copy of the book, or if you would like a PDF copy, I have that option available.  You can get a copy directly from me, through using the donation page.  I am asking a suggested price of 5 dollars for the PDF.

Thank you!


P.S. For those who have been following the Haiku (#HaikuLent2015 and #HaikuEaster2015) writing during Lent and Easter, I will be compiling those into a book soon.


One thought on ““Fall into Life”

  1. John, your poems have often moved me tears. You are able to name my/our struggles, fears, needs, hopes and joys…and gently invite us into holy moments of insight and reassurance that we are not alone in these things, and to experience God’s forgiveness….as it says in ‘New Experiences’…always new once again. I would encourage your DSCS audience to get this beautiful book of poems and use them, as I have, for devotions, for encouragement and for their beauty. Thank you for sharing your words with us all.

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