May 24th, 2015 – Pentecost Sunday

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Sunday:  Pentecost Sunday

Revised Common Lectionary – Year B

Text: Pentecost Story! 

Dollar Store Item: Fairy Wings

The Take Away:  God includes us in the life of faith!



Narrative Lectionary – Pentecost / Nothing Can Separate Us

Text: Pentecost Story

Dollar Store Item:  Fairy Wings

The Take Away:  God includes us in the life of faith!




6 thoughts on “May 24th, 2015 – Pentecost Sunday

  1. So I got a bit carried away with the tag idea — the kids tagged each other to get their wings, and then I handed them butterfly stickers and commissioned them to tag the congregation with bits of the Holy Spirit. It was especially funny, since my own kindergardner spent the rest of the service wandering around affixing butterflies to adults. It must have gone over well, because in the shake-hands line people were showing me their butterflies!

  2. Thanks. Your idea gave me the thought to use a fan and blow feathers all over the children. So the feathers are like the Holy Spirit coming upon them. I was inspired by your “quirky chaos!’

  3. This sounds like a great idea, however, I would like to have heard his entire lesson and how he would have presented it to the kids.

    • Karen,

      That is understandable. Sometimes, when I video far ahead, I am still working on flushing the entire idea.

      I see one kid being given the wings, (though in retrospect, these are not needed… but are a great visual) sitting down with the other kids. And while sitting, tags the kid next to her.

      I talk about tag, and how we run and we play and we giggle. “What happens when you are tagged?” “Freeze, part of the game, blob tag you are part of group.”

      The Spirit today plays a huge game of tag with us… and each of us is tagged in this great game of “Blob Tag,” each of us being made part of this great game of the Spirit, of God’s love, of God’s joy.

      On the page, “This Sunday,” I have also included a link to an older children sermon that might also give you an idea for another one as well.



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