April 15th, 2015 – In Memory of a Dear Friend

Laughter and Music
Faith, Words and Friendship as well
Jim lived Christ’s story
~  Haiku written in memory and honor of Jim, and our friendship)

Greetings Saints!

Another post that, while isn’t directly DSCS related, it really ends up being just that.  For you see, Jim Drury was an inspiration to me and always pushed me to do my best.  No, not just my best, but my creative best.  And I loved him for it.

I head off to Price, Utah in just a little while to say, “See you in a while,” to a dear friend. I have known Jim for a while now, and from the time we met each other, to the present, we became fast friends. Jim was a friend that I talked to daily, and could ask advice about everything under the sun. And he was a straight shooter, and I cherished this about him.

The photo below captures Jim so well, and I love the advice given to him by Linda, his love.

January 7, 1948 ~ April 7, 2015


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2 thoughts on “April 15th, 2015 – In Memory of a Dear Friend

  1. Hey, John, I’m sorry to hear this. It’s hard to lose our friends. Bless you and all his family and friends, Dawn Rest eternal has been granted him!!

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