Dec 5th, 2014 – Ordination Anniversary

15 years ago
I felt the weight
weight of hands upon me
hands belong to Christ
hands belonging to you
weight of a long piece of cloth
that was placed over my shoulders
a yoke
a weight
a yoke
a connection
as promised by our Savior
to be light
not by itself
for one does not
do this faith alone
only with the Christ we know
only by whose we are
for only by you
who make up the body of Christ
am I able to
walk this path of faith
with you
living out the promise of our God
living into the Grace
laid on all of us by our God.

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8 thoughts on “Dec 5th, 2014 – Ordination Anniversary

  1. Your thoughts summed up how I felt last Friday, as I was newly ordained at 7:00 pm on Dec. 5th! I can still feel the weight of those hands, the stole, and the Holy Spirit. The weight and joy of grace. A very special day indeed! Thank you!

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