Thank you and Updates!

First – Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Seriously… Thank you.

You all rock! (I was reminded of that phrase recently!)

You do… you rock big time.

Why?  Well, because you do.  Period.  But also because of your kind words, your generosity of heart, but most importantly because of your ministry!  How you care for your children in your place of ministry, and your prayers are evident.   You rock!

The passion in which you do what you do is infectious and I am thankful that even if it just through DSCS, I get to have a connection with you!  Praise be.

And also an update:  I hope to post the Children Sermons for July and August sometime in the first week of June.  That way as we travel and go places this Summer, you will be able to plan ahead and know the direction you want to go.  I hope this is a help!

Thank you for your ministry!

~ John


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