2 thoughts on “February 23rd, 2014: Foam Counting Blocks

  1. This was such a great idea – I ended up using large wooden building blocks that our tiny country church had in the basement, with the length of my arm as the “foundation” – as it turned out, one of the youngest boys was sitting closest to me, and he’s not quite 2, so he was the one who was trying to build on my arm and, naturally, the blocks kept falling.

    He was chortling so hard at the whole thing and he kept trying, in earnest, to get the blocks to stay… he must’ve tried about 15 times! Then, I got up off the stool I sit on when I deliver the children’s sermon and he built the structure on the stool.

    But, the entire congregation got such a kick out of little Zander and these 6″ long 2″x4″ blocks that just would *not* stay put!! I ran into one of our senior ladies in town, this afternoon, and she was still laughing about it, she said!

    In all seriousness – I can’t tell you the # of times I have taken an idea of yours and tweaked it for our kids (the very young… or the young at heart…) and I have been blessed on so many occasions to hear folks tell me that, in breaking the Scripture lessons down into their simplest, easiest-to-understand messages, they get as much out my children’s sermon as they do the pastor’s some weeks.

    The underlying lessons are, very often, the simplest to understand. Love, acceptance, forgiveness, treat people how you want to be treated… Somehow, the little kids seem to inherently know these things. It’s we adults who complicate stuff!!

    Have a blessed week, and thanks again.
    ~Chris Odeen
    Trout Run UMC
    Black River Falls, WI

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