If you find the DSCS helpful and would like to donate, thank you!
You can do so, easily, through PayPal:

Or you can use venmo if that is easier: @revjohn29

On this giving Tuesday, I am thankful.

Full of Gratitude this weekend for all of you.

I have had a chance to take vacation, which has been wonderful and recharging.

I hope you all had time to connect with loved ones. Family born and/or family chosen. Please know that you have someone in your circle of Grace. You are loved!

I mention in the DSCS videos that I pray for you. And I do. I might not pray by name but lifting up this community and trusting the Spirit. She is powerful.

That being said, if you ever need or want specific prayers, feel free to message me here and I will include it in my prayers.

During Advent, I use the Prayer Word prompts from AdventWord and write haiku prayers. You can find these on instagram @haiku_prayers .

Lastly, thank you all for your donations and especially your notes. You have played the role of angels unaware. You have meant the world to me.

~ j.w.s.

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