Ads or No Ads

If you find the DSCS helpful and would like to donate, thank you!
You can do so, easily, through PayPal:

Or you can use venmo if that is easier: @revjohn29

If you have visited the site over the last two or three weeks, you might have noticed ads popping up. I had been going back and forth on having them on DSCS’ site, usually falling under “not.”

As a comment to one of my posts (or perhaps when I made a small aside in a video), someone had suggested I allow ads as there are folks that use the site, and although would love to support it financially, just couldn’t afford it.

I get that. Completely.

So, I decided to turn on the ads.

Until this morning.

I had a reminder that the ads that get selected are out of my control, and when a printing company had an ad that read, “This is the only tip I need,” and it showed gun ammo, I decided that was enough.

No ads.

Thank you for your donations, your prayers, and your joyful interactions over the years. I appreciate them all.

~ John Stevens

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