Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Dollar Store Children Sermons.  I hope you find an idea that will work for you, either as a full flushed out idea, or a springboard to get your creative juices flowing!

I appreciate the suggestions people have made the last year, and I have tried to incorporate some of them.  One that I recently added is what I am calling, “The Take Away,” which allows the viewer to see what the main idea of that week happens to be.  I hope you find it helpful!

Thank you for the work that you are doing, and the passion that you do it with!  The kids thank you for it!

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you have a blessed week!

Pastor John Stevens
Zion Lutheran Church, ELCA
Oregon City, Oregon

21 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi John. I just discovered your blot and shared it with our children’s homilists. I’m a member of Mission of the Atonement in Beaverton, and my dad, many aunts and uncles, and roommate from PLU all attended Zion Lutheran back in the day. Thanks so much for doing this great blog–it’s a wonderful idea!

  2. Hi John, you are providing a wonderful collection of ideas and resources and for that I want to say ‘thanks’ and encourage you in this ministry. I have found that your ideas are engaging the whole church family and not just the younger folks. Every blessing.

  3. Thx for all the great sermons. My pastor asked if I was following the lectionary because I always read the same bible verse he has in bulletin. I told him about your site. He thinks its awesome! I wondered if u r going to continue? I certainly hope so! GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR MINISTRY!
    Gracemor Christian Church

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I most assuredly will continue! I will be videoing the next 6 to 7 Sundays tomorrow. Hope to get this Sundays up today!

  4. Hi, there! As the lay person responsible for the Children’s Sermon every week at our tiny (14 pews!) country church, I truly enjoy your site. Even if I don’t do exactly the same thing, it’s easy to adapt an inspired idea to our small group of kids (and, given their age ranges – from 1 to about 4th grade, but mostly pre-K) – and that is saying something! Better yet, the kids go home and talk about what I did, and remember it… that, in turn, helps the parents to be able to reinforce the message during the week. They still talk about the magic tricks (they think I’m awesome when I do these!), and -interestingly enough- I adapted one of your ideas (the magnetic erase-tablet) to a small dry-erase board and spent a few minutes with them writing down all of the things I did wrong (said a bad word, lost my temper, dinner was late, etc., etc.). It was a good list and the kids were amazed that a GROWN-UP would admit to doing that many things wrong (I told them I was having a bad week! *grin*). Anyway, then I took the eraser and told them that, with forgiveness, God gives them a clean slate, every day – we get to erase all of the bad stuff and we get left gleaming white and clean. For about 3 weeks, every time I ran into one of the kids in town, they’d look at whoever they were with and “share” – “She said a bad word!” *laughing* Yes, but I got forgiven for it – that’s the important part! That’s the important part! Too funny! So, sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to share how much fun I have getting inspired by your messages (this week, the ladies deviated from the lectionary and are doing Matthew 25:35-40); I am using the mission message of sharing and my “prop” is a bag of Chips Ahoy – you can guarantee they are going to want me to share those! :) Blessings! ~Chris

  5. In search for a children’s sermon, I came upon your blog. As a retired K teacher, I love your ideas. I do have a suggestion that may be helpful for those looking for a specific “sermon” or idea. Could you please post the “objective” or lesson that you will be trying to relay to the children. This would be beneficial when someone is looking and searching. Thanks so much for your help and your willingness to share your thoughts and ideas. Our children need to know God’s love and this is a special way in which to share. God bless.

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